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Slate Sealer - Enhance Finish (Available in 1 & 5 litre)

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Was expecting it be high gloss for my slate floor in kitchen alas no

By Vinny Buckley

Good product, promptly delivered. Used this sealer on a large piece of slate in a fire place. Just folled instructions, time will tell how well it seals.

By Jim Hawkins

Fabulous finish with this product and would highly recommend. We have purchased this previously and have also purchased the Cleaner too, which did the job. Customer service is excellent and fast delivery. Those researching before buying may think the products are a little more expensive however you are paying for a quality product, which gets you the results you want, so worth paying that little bit extra. We will be buying again.

By Helen C From Nottingham

Follow the instructions and you'll get a superb looking slate patio.

By George Lukaszewicz From Camberley

I deliberately left it a few weeks before submitting this as things can look different after a while. So overall our patio looks better after using this product to be fair. The original wet look has weathered in a bit but it is still far better than the dusty kind of look that slate typically has after being rained and walked on. What Smartseal dont tell you is that to begin with you will have water marks that dry onto it due to the beading effect that the product gives. Lately with the dry weather and having to water the garden, this has been evident although we do live in a hard water area. We just bought a micro fibre mop which has proved effective in removing these which we are relieved about and better than a standard broom. An additional bit of advice, when you apply it just stay off of it for a few days else you may leave permanent footprints as the initial finish is tacky. When asked Smartseal said it would be ok and then when I showed them the footprints they said to re apply a light coat to cover them up. They then refused to replace the extra litre of product I used which was disappointing. All said and done, I would do it again anyway knowing what i know now.

By Neil Jobson

Great product, goes on very easily and looks fab. I would recommend it.

By Janene Cherry

So far so good, only time will tell. Instructions for use straightforward and clear.

By Ros Joy
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Impregnating Sealer for Slate

Seal and protect Slate tiles and floors

Smartseal Slate Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating coating system. Application of the sealer will alter the chemical structure of the slate or natural stone providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface.

One coat application
1 x 5 litre will treat up to 60 m2
Resistant to algae, lichen and staining
Will leave surface "wet/colour enhanced" looking dependent on porosity or colour of surface
Average coverage 10 m2 per litre
Application by cloth, roller or sprayer
Touch dry 2-3 hours
Fully waterproof 24 hours
Lifespan of approx. 5 years can be expected
Suitable for Slate surfaces externally or internally


PREPARATION: Prior to application of Slate sealer or natural stone sealer ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from contamination. If algae or stains are present pre treat prior to cleaning with a appropriate cleaning product.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

APPLICATION: A suitable  pressure sprayer or roller is recommended taking care to avoid any pooling. Application on all substrates should be to full saturation and on vertical surfaces commence at the bottom and work upwards. For internal surfaces application by a suitable cloth is appropriate.

Remove any excess after a maximum of 45 minutes via a dry roller or cloth. 

One application to saturation is normally required, do not apply in damp conditions nor temperatures below 12-15C. Shake container well before use.

All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

Finish may vary in accordance to type of stone applied to.

Always apply to a test area first.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost.
12 months (in original sealed container).