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By Rod Tyrrell-PriceFROM Epping

An Indian sandstone area that has been laid for several years and become drab and more like cement slabs. After jet washing, the colours returned, most attractive as it was when new, but when dry, it was not as effective. I used Ultimate Enhancer sandstone sealer and the results are truly amazing. It now has the colours that showed when wet. Very pleased. I found the technical team extremely quick in response to my questions.

By Richard Hyde

Was sceptical to whether this sealer would actually provide the finish desired; however 3 coats on prepared sandstone give a lovely wet sheen which is easily cleaned. Longevity, time will tell. The result is however a little slippery when wet which can be an issue subject to type of footwear.

By Elaine HowiesonFROM Waterlooville

The wet look sealer is an excellent product, very easy to apply and the end result is exceptional. The colours in our sandstone paving are really enhanced and able to be seen in both wet and dry weather.

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Natural Stone Sealer - WET LOOK

Protective 'wet look' Natural Stone Sealer. Not Suitable for Polished or Kandla Grey Sandstone (Sample + 3 sizes)

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Product Description

Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer WET LOOK is a water-based protective sealer that creates a durable, clear silk/satin finish. It can be used on internal and external surfaces made from sandstone**(see exceptions below), limestone, slate, terracotta, quarry and Victorian tiles, brick pavers and any textured stone or masonry surfaces.

Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer WET LOOK is rapid drying and very easy to apply. It will provide protection to the applied surface against oil and water-based stains. 

  • Ideal for Natural Stone**(see exceptions below) & Slate
  • Provides a Silk/Satin or "Wet-look" finish
  • Ok for rough & absorbent surfaces
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

Please take a look at the other sealers for natural stone such as the DRY finish Natural Stone Sealer. For a colour enhancing sealer for natural stone that is not a gloss finish, you might want to consider the Natural Stone COLOUR ENHANCER.


**Exceptions to Sandstone suitability: 

Please note this product is not suitable for Kandla Grey (mid and light grey) sandstone




Average 5-12 m per litre depending on the texture and porosity of the surface being sealed.


Due to the effects of Efflorescence and Natural Salts and Minerals, that can permeate through Natural Stone, it is recommended not to seal for a minimum 4 months after installation.

1. Apply in temperatures above 15C, but below 23 degrees ensuring the surface is completely dry, clean and free from debris. Apply only if no rain is forecast for at least 8 hours. For best cleaning results use Patio Clean Xtreme.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used with the last 6 months, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

2. Apply the sealer thinly and evenly with a low pressure sprayer, roller, microfibre mop, paint brush or soft cloth. Try not to leave application marks or allow the product to 'pool' or 'puddle' on the surface immediately after application. In the event of over application please ensure all excess is removed within 45 minutes of applying.

3. Once applied, allow minimum 60 minutes drying time before applying the second coat. If possible, apply the product in the opposite direction to try to achieve an even finish. Multiple coats can be applied to achieve the desired finish.

Important Note:  Any areas nearby that are not being sealed should be protected with masking materials. If you are sealing over coloured grouts, carry out that a stain test before proceeding.

Product FAQs

Q: Can this deal be used in natural York stone flags grey ?

Angela Sophocli

A: The wet look sealer for natuarl stone is usually used for sealing york stone. We would suggest trying a sample to determine suitability.

Response from

Q: I've got Raj Blend sandstone patio & would like the wet look sealant but need to know whether or not it is slip-resistant.

Diana Olmi

A: There is no anti-slip additive in the wet look natural stone sealer.

Response from Nick

Q: Name : Mike Cooper Email : Phone : 07710026075 Question : Hi, We have an Indian sandstone patio which is dull when dry. I want to give it a wet look to bring out the colour again. Which product and application method would be best to do this? Regards Mike

Mike Cooper

A: The natural stone colour enhancer will bring out the colours but the finish is not what we would regard as shiny. The wet look natural stone sealer gives a 'wet look' satin finish but offers less colour enhancement than the colour enhancer above. Samples are available to purchase so you can decide before buying what you need.

Response from Nick
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