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Repair Fluid to Remove Surface Whiteness on Imprinted Concrete

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Well I had my floor re sealed and in some areas I noticed that were the water was sat for longer it caused white/grey patching, so I rang the smartseal and they was very helpful and advised me to get some, sealer repair, me being a bit wary and not wanting to spend £30 odd pound on something that might not work, so I just bought the sample pot. The delivery was quick and I used the product and was amazed it really does work I'm so happy that now I'm going to purchase the bigger size. I so pleased I got some as it makes such a difference to my drive.

By Saima Aslam

Fantastic stuff, completely transformed the driveway before I sealed it. Looks brand new again after 10 years

By David Kearney

Very satisfied, it went down a treat and first class service.

By Kevin Crookes

The sealer repair is brilliant. I tried a sample and have now ordered a larger can. So easy to use and immediately effective.

By Jill Parmenter From Sunderland

I have very bad blooming on my imprinted concrete drive so ordered a sample of repair fluid.The results on various patches I tried were fantastic, just as good as when first laid. Have now ordered enough to repair the whole drive and cannot wait to restore to former glory.

By Jack Harrison

I was able to get my 15 year old imprinted concrete driveway back to looking like new with the help of all these smart seal products, driveway exstream cleaner, crack repair compound, sealer repair fluid I also had to use some color tint (use sparingly if at all watch video) & matt driveway sealer then finally silk driveway with some anti slip. Because of the poor condition and age of my drive I had to use all of these products mentioned most driveways will not need all of these products so I would strongly recommend that you watch (THE FULL STEP BY STEP GUIDE VIDEO) they have got on their web site this will tell you what you will need & what you will not need to do the job & how to do it all properly (excellent video). all product arrived promptly I will definitely use smart seal products again.

By Stephen Duffy

Great stuff and easy to fix thanks to smartseal. Call you again definitely ��

By Ciprian Cavasi From Leeds

Tried a small test area product, appears to be doing every thing it says on the tin.The gentleman who talked me through my problem concrete driveway was obviously very clued up on all your products and was very helpful, I will not hesitate in using your services again.

By Rae Doble

What a marvelous company to deal with.the staff are brilliant, The products do exactly what the tins say,really marvelous job done.Thank you I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company

By Barbara Adamson From Middlesborough

Seems to have cured the white blooming. Easy to use.

By Glyn Quartley

I had a very good imprinted concrete drive which after my last years yearly coating, went very milky / white all over, so i spoke with smart seal who gave me fantastic advice and explained to apply the repair sealer this year rather than the usual laquer the results are amazing , in only a week i have had so many neighbours and friends comment on how great it looks. thanks again smart seal not only for the product but also for the great service and advice.

By Tim Martin From Martin& Bowles Decorators

After many hours searching the internet about white milky patches ( blooming) I saw the reviews for the sealer repair fluid, l spoke with customer services and they made it sound so easy to do. Ordered some which was delivered quickly, it was easy to use and quickly sorted out the problem. I can't praise this product highly enough worked wonders for us, many thanks

By Michael Bown From Wigston, Leicestershire

I bought this sealer a few weeks ago.I could not be more delighted with the results my block paving looks highly polished its got the xfactor so thank you for all your help.Would certainly recommend.

By Olive McWilliams From Tyne & Wear

Great product, had problems with blooming of sealer, but Nigel soon told me what I needed to do, nothing to much trouble for these guys very helpfull.Would highly recommend. This product and company

By Julie Turner

This sealer repair product worked brilliantly on an area where blooming had occurred after having our patterned concrete cleaned and resealed. It was easy to apply, and the area looked as good as new, with very little effort. So glad I found it, and wish I had looked earlier!

By Margaret Grellier From Derbyshire


By Mark Garside From stoke on trent

used this to remove white blooming,had me worried at first as it lifts the original sealer but I kept on brushing the surface and the blooming disappeared,once I resealed the concrete the surface looks great does what it says on the tin


Hi Nigel Find attached photos of my front drive before and after. I have followed all your advice you have given over the last weeks. I have used sealer repair twice with colour in the second application and two coats of sealer. I have just ordered the non slip agent and when it arrives I will put it in the final coat of sealer. I am delighted with the result I have achieved which is a testament to Smartseals products and also your knowledge of the products you supply. Once again thank you.

By Mick Taylor From Welling, Kent

“Hi Nigel. We spoke on the phone a few weeks ago about my imprinted concrete driveway. You advised me, after seeing photos, to use sealant restoration fluid and colour tint and talked me through the process. I have recently done the job and I am very happy with the result. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your advice and time, and if there is a link to leave a testimonial, I would be more than willing to do so. Thank you SO much”

By William Jones From Liverpool

Not as impressed as last coating when I used mix of sealer and repair Think I need some soloist next coat Service superb as ever Could do with selling in sizes between 5 and 25 liters Now left again with half a drum I need to store

By Paul Battison



Here are the photos of drive now it's done, we are very pleased with it and would like to thank you very much for all your assistance and advice. Kind Regards J Russell

By John Russell From Mexborough

Drive looks much improved after using sealer repair fluid. Some patches needed a couple of treatments to remove white patches. After using applied 2 coats of imprinted concrete sealer and the drive now looks excellent.

By Diane From Braintree

Does what it says on the tin

By Brian From Ward

Tried the sealer repair, followed the instructions but not much change to drive

By Paul From from Newcastle

Patio surface had gone white under original sealer. Used sealer repair with colour tint and it came up like new. Many thanks to the guy's at Smart Seal for giving me advice before purchasing product.

By Ray From Dukinfield, Cheshire

Excellent in every way. Easy application and quick drying

By Richard From Shrewsbury

I tried this product with advice from Nigel in order to remove white deposits. After a whole day's work, the result was impressive although after drying some evidence still remains. It would appear that I shall have to try again with the remaining fluid. Overall, my drive does look much improved so wish me luck!!

By S.B.Freeman From Swanwick, Derbyshire

Definitely recommend this product if drive is in bad condition with white patches all over Cleared up my drive like new Price was amazing Thanks smartseal

By mark Cameron From Aberdeen

Brilliant product, easy to use. Told friends it's that good. 5* Excellent

By Trev White From Barrow-in-Furness

Ordered Tuesday after 3 pm received Wednesday dinner time used the sealer repair on quite a large area thinking this can,t work on all these white patches .All I can say it was like when I first used a power washer and after that feeling of satisfaction of all that muck comming away and leaving me with what looked like a new patio.I've not felt that feeling so often after using a product but this is one of them

By David Stott From Bolton

I have used SmartSeal Products before. So I knew I was on to a good thing.My driveway needed a bit of a repair so I brought some Sealer Repair Fluid with helpful advice from Nigel and the friendly staff I was very impressed with the outcome. Thank you Smartseal.

By Richard Wirizlay From richie.rw16@gmail.com

This product is absolutely magic. It's hard work, but it works. You need to brush it on, leave it a small while - maybe 30 seconds to a minute, then work it in. I found the recommended 2 minutes too long, but then I guess it's temperature dependent and it was quite a hot day. When the acrylic goes sticky, leave it to reset and you're done. I found it needed another coat of acrylic afterwards, but the blooming had disappeared. It recovered an appalling installation by a bunch of cowboys (nothing to do with SmartSeal). But this review is much more about the company, rather than the wonderful product. The team at SmartSeal are absolutely magic. Whoever you talk to are professional, polite and give excellent advice. They even stopped me buying one of their own products saying I didn't need it and they were right. I really can't thank them enough for helping me recover a dire situation, where I kicked the installers off the site as the finishing was so bad. You can buy from this company with confidence and if you need top quality advice, you can find it right here. Personally, I won't even look anywhere else in future.

By Paul Derbridge From Southend

My driveway had been treated with a black sealer by a subcontractor recommended by Smartseal. After only a few weeks it began to flake off which, after discussion with Nigel Blake, was considered to have been due to the fact that too much colourant had been added to the solvent. This has meant waiting until enough of the sealant has flaked off in order to repair the surface by painting the drive with just the repair fluid, which I have done myself. This has the effect of dissolving the original remaining black sealant and spreading it to give a thinner coating. This seems to work well but has involved a lot of work over a period of 3 years. The repair fluid works well BUT be aware that it is better to apply thin coats in the first place especially if, like mine, it is black on grey. My driveway is still not fully finished but I am hoping that when it is the surface will last for a number of years with only minor attention each year. The repair fluid works very well hence 5 stars, the rest has been a nightmare.

By Mike From Huddersfield

First class product and first class service and advice from Nigel. I would highly recommend Smartseal to anyone needing help to maintain or refurbish their driveway, patio, etc.

By Tony Cragg From Littleborough, Lancs,

Very pleased with the result. My patio was a mess, builder left a concrete film over the terracotta slabs. Applied smartseal and it did exactly what it.said on the tin. Delighted.

By pamstrange From oxford

Applied the repair fluid to the sealant where damp had caused it to look white and it has solved the problem. Very pleased with the prompt response from Smartseal to help resolve the problem. Thanks.

By John Madge From Broadstone Dorset

Very pleased with this product. A bit of expensive but I works well.

By Alan Cawthorn From High Peak

I spoke to Nigel at Smartseal, who asked me exactly what was wrong with my imprinted concrete. After telling him it had white chalky looking patches, he advised me to use the sealer repair fluid. The product was delivered very quickly. I have applied the product today, which was very easy to do, and I am delighted with the result. My drive looks as good as new. Nigel at Smartseal is very knowledgable and said to ring any time if I have any other problems with my drive. Excellent service, excellent staff, excellent product, will definitely recommend. Thank You.

By Mick Taylor From Welling Kent

Very impressed with the results. Brought up the path & drive like new. Removed white patches. Excellent product. Highly recommended

By Peter Davies From Chester

I have used Smartseal products before so I knew it was going to do the job. I noticed there were a few chalky marks on my drive, they had to go so I used this product and hay presto it did the job. Brilliant!

By Richard Wirizlay From Shropshire

I would like to say a big thank you to a lovely gentleman Nigel who has been a great help. His advice was brilliant and I would recommend that you use all these products they were excellent thank you Nigel my floor is beautiful carmel

By Carmel Gibbons

Excellent results on the trial areas, am now waiting for a spell of warmer dry weather to complete the job. Will submit a full review on completion. Many thanks to Nigel for his sound advice.

By Ray Odey From Barrow in Furness

Fantastic product, sorted out my opaque path sealer!!

By Ben From Liverpool

This didn't soften/remove my white areas, perhaps I was just unlucky But it did bring the colour back a little so I used it as a clean after pressure washing and it was not money wasted. Just don't stand on on the wet surface - it softens shoe soles faster than it softens sealer!

By Mike From Ipswich

Brought drive back to life, removed patches and prepared surface before application of gloss seal. Excellent product. Rate 5/5

By P Baber From Coventry

Does its job, removed white patches on drive and patio. Good Product.

By Martin Fletcher From Sheffield

Great product sorry I didn't purchase the colour dye with it. Drive looks totally refreshed but be careful very slippery under foot when applies.

By Mr T M Horton From Swansea

The repair fluid does what it says and the sealant has made the drive look like new again.

By M.S.Williams, From Shrewsbury

My stencilled concrete drive was in a dreadful state with white chalky patches all over it . Have tried lots of other products to no avail , and was almost resigned to replacing it untill I came across this product. Smartseals driveway repairer was quick and easy to apply and restored my drive to perfect condition. The chalky marks have totally disappeared , this product is amazing...

By Andrew fletcher From Tividale

I always use this to sort out worn and flaky areas before I reseal the whole driveway. Just brush it on. Simple.

By Thomas Monk From Essex

Bought repair fluid and the colour, as I already had sealant. Driveway sealant surface was worn,clouded white in places and lifting. Your product worked very well and was easy to apply resulting in a very satisfactory finish.

By J. Turner From Stockton on Tees

Sealer Repair Fluid: We found this to be an excellent product! Our problem was that moisture had got underneath the original sealant as it had rained heavy a few hours after it had been applied. Also the service and advice given by Smart Seal was excellent.

By Mrs C Haynes From South Yorkshire

After seeking your advice we recently purchased your sealant repair fluid to remove moisture that had got into the existing sealant and when it had first been applied. We are delighted with the results and would certainly be seeking your advice and services in the future. Thank you so much.

By Catherine Haynes From Rotherham

Hi Nigel I completed the drive a few weeks ago, and would like to say that I am very pleased with the results. I would also like you to know that the delivery of the goods and the advice you gave was very good. Thank you for your help. Regards Anthony

By Anthony Burgin From Sheffield

just a quick note to thank you for your recommendations on what materials to buy and excellent after care service you provided. My drive now looks like new again, (except for were conrete had broken away) colour brilliant . Did not expect the results I got, after paying firms on the last 3 occassions I had been very dissapointed with the results. Had been told that nothing could be done to get colour back. On using your excellent products and yourself being on the end of the phone to guide me step by step I am overjoyed with results. Next year I will buy your concrete reair compound to try and smooth areas that have broken away and then reseal and colour as this time. Once again thank you very much for your advice and excellent products, I will definetly recommend your company to friends and family. It's refreshing to come across a comany with fantastic after care service.

By Gary Milne From Runcorn

I recently made an enquiry re help to correct a badly installed imprinted concrete drive. The surface had flaked badly exposing uncoloured concrete and had cracks in several places. I spoke to Nigel who requested photographs of the drive and he then gave me excellent advice and identified the products and quantities I would need. Without any guarantee of success, Nigel felt confident that I would be able to get the drive back to approximately 90% of where it should be. During the period of time that I spent carrying out the repair work, I rang Nigel at each stage for his advice. He was very patient with me and very knowledgeable with the products. He also kept his word every time to ring back if he was busy when I called. From start to finish, a very professional experience, with a friendly and patient attitude. Nigel hoped for a 90% result, he has certainly achieved that. Compared to how the drive looked more like 200%. Your products all worked easily and as they were supposed to. My compliments and thanks to Smart Seal and especially Nigel

By John Stokes From Oldbury, West Midlands

I had a very large white patch in the middle of my drive, after using the repair fluid there was no sign of it.

By Bob Grieves From Sutton Coldfield

Drive was a mess. This repair fluid with tint and sealer has rejuvenated my drive. Not 100% as it was originally, but this has done exactly what designed to do and made my drive look visibly good again.

By James Alder From Newcastle

the repair fluid worked a treat iput to much colour tint in the drive sealant and it was to dark on the test area of my drive but a couple of applications of the repair fluid took it all off exelent product

By john smith From st helens

My concrete imprinted driveway was in a really poor state with white spots and other marks on the surface. After applying two coats of the sealer repair fluid the driveway cleared really well in preparation for the application of the sealant.

By B Cosgrove From Cumbria

I found the product i purchaced from you was excellent and the Nigel Blake who I brought it from was very helpful as I had to phone him a couple of times for advice and he was very helpful. I can't fault the product ,or customer relations regards, c smallwood

By Colin Smallwood From Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

I'd got brake fluid on the drive, this product made it look like new, brilliant

By Mark Bailey From Seabridge, Newcastle Under Lyme

I had spilt brake fluid on my drive, leaving an ugly white stain that nothing would shift. One application of this stuff and it vanished completely. Talk about does what it says on the tin!

By Mick From Nottingham
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Sealer Repair Fluid to remove whiteness on Imprinted Concrete and Block Paved Surfaces

Smartseal sealer repair fluid can be applied when problems have occured with existing imprinted concrete or block paved driveways and patios. Surface whiteness, peeling or flaking sealer are common issues that can easily be corrected using Smartseal Sealer Repair Fluid.

Smartseal Sealer Repair Fluid will rejuvenate existing imprinted concrete sealer and clear surface whiteness from imprinted concrete, block paving and patio slabs.


Sealer repair fluid is a product designed to repair incorrectly applied sealer which is lifting or sealer which has reacted with moisture during the drying process. For imprinted concrete it should be liberally applied to the affected area, left for a couple of minutes and then worked into the surface with a soft broom. This will 'soften' the sealer and allow it to re-bond to the concrete.

For removal of surface whiteness to imprinted concrete or block paving repeat as instructions above, but with block paving be careful not to disturb the jointing sand when working the sealer repair fluid into the surface of the blocks. 

Health & Safety

Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator, gloves and safety glasses when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup). Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet for further information.