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Professional Sprayer with Chemical Resistant Viton Seals

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Awesome sprayer, can handle wet look seal perfectly and was easy to clean out using acetone and allowed reuse a few days later. I have had issues with other sprayers that wouldn’t clean easliy.

By Clive Griffiths

Im a registered installer for Smartseal and at first didn't get on with this sprayer. You must 'pump' up the sprayer fully and make sure the tip is always. If you do this it works great

By chris walters From Swansea

Used this sprayer twice in the space of two days for about 2 hours on each occasion and it worked fine. I always cleaned the sprayer afterwards with the 5lt purpose cleaner which I purchased the same time as the sprayer. On the third occasion I went to use the sprayer, which was a week later, the plastic tip would not work. I soaked it overnight in the purpose cleaner but it still did not work. I contacted Donna at Smartseal and she was very, very helpful and said that she would contact the supplier and ask for a new tip which the supplier promised to post direct to me. To cut a long story short despite different promised I never received the tip. However, I must state that Donna did everything in her power to help and Smartseal should be proud of having such dedicated staff.

By Gwyn Davies From Swansea

Fantastic sprayer. Used to apply sealing products. Very accurate spray fan. Great service form this company. Highly recommended!

By Darrin Hayden From Island Garden Timber Care & Surface Cleaning

I tried to use a couple of old sprayers from our allotment but they were not up to the job, so I invested in this one. it was sturdy and did the job admirably. i ordered on line and this was followed up by a call to me from smartseal. they said if i wanted to use the sprayer again in the future i should buy a can of cleaner for the spray otherwise the sealant would bung up the sprayer. so i did. nice bit of upselling and good customer advice !!

By denis spence From west yorkshire

Bought the sprayer after buying the sealer, I was going to use a roller but backed off at the last minute, I am so pleased I bought the sprayer. First off you get what you pay for, excellent quality, yes it is expensive but my drive was 7k and I wanted it right, very easy to use, change to the fan tip for the sealer (blue) and away you go. Drive is superb very, very happy. The guys at smart seal also phoned me literally within 10 mins of my purchase to talk through the sprayer

By Kevin Jures From Ashington, Northumberland
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High Capacity 12 litre Sealer Sprayer with Viton Seals

This sprayer is resistant to all kinds of chemicals and detergents applied in industry and in cleaning.

For future-use with our high-performance solvent-based sealants, it must be used in conjunction with Application Tools Cleaning Fluid and be flushed through with this after every use.

Acid-proof lance, viton seals, together with an extremely durable high-pressure container.

  • light-weight, yellow translucent polypropylene tank
  • telescopic lance from high-quality stainless steel
  • nozzles with regulation of stream angle 
  • push-in on/off dosing valve 
  • safety valve
  • in-line filter
  • locking pump handle
  • reinforced PCV hose 170cm
  • carrying belt
  • additional spare parts with funnel and silicone smear